Winslow's Home

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Winslow's Farm

Winslow’s Home is the only restaurant in St. Louis with its own farm. Winslow's Farm is located about 35 miles west of St. Louis in Augusta, Missouri. The 5-acre field is planted with a broad range of organic fruits, vegetables and flowers, including several unusual and heirloom varieties.

The farm produces from March to October and the harvests are used in Winslow’s kitchen and in the store. Travel time between field and kitchen is short. This is what sets locally grown produce apart and you can taste the difference.

Our Dominique chickens feed on vegetable scraps from the fields and provide farm fresh eggs daily. 

Living sustainably is not just a trend to us. It is a way of life. Come by the restaurant and take a look around. There is so much here to discover and share.